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HDMI power amplifier connection

I believe we are not unfamiliar HDMI, and HDMI is a high-definition multimedia interface. I wonder if you understand the amplifier’s HDMI connection , this article is aimed at three amplifier HDMI connection to tell the story.

PS3 and amplifier connection
PS3 has a variety of audio and video interfaces, including HD output (HDMI 1.3 OUT), optical digital output (DIGITAL OUT), and more emphasis on audio output (AV MULTI OUT), and a network interface (LAN). It is able to respond to the various needs of the majority of display devices and audio equipment. To play a good PS3, with HDMI 1.3 interface amplifier is the best. Since the PS3 has an HDMI interface and an optical output port, so there are two ways to connect.

1.If your amplifier is with HDMI interfaces (version 1.3 is recommended), then the HDMI PS3’s output connector into the amplifier via HDMI cable HDMI inputs, and HDMI output amplifier connected to the TV.
2.If your amplifier is a non-HDMI interface, then it will PS3 HDMI interface connected TV, fiber access amplifiers.

XBOX360 and amplifier connection
XBOX360 There are several versions, but only up to distinguish from the interface, which is divided with HDMI and without HDMI. Connections with HDMI interface and connection PS3 version is the same. It is difficult that HDMI interface is loaded at the following Xbox 360 common interface. Version without HDMI interface usually only supports VGA video interface and digital audio optical interface, which is to connect VGA to TV, then the optical fiber to the amplifier.

HTPC and amplifier connection
HTPC and amping divided into the following situation:
1. A separate sound card connected to the amplifier: it is very simple, the key is what the interface the sound card has. Today more and more independent sound with HDMI interface, and most of them with optical or coaxial. If your sound card with HDMI interface and power amplifier also with HDMI, then connected to the two.
2. Integrated motherboard connection Amplifier: Now, many motherboards with integrated sound good. And more and more motherboard itself with HDMI interface, and most of them with optical fiber or coaxial, if your motherboard with HDMI interface, amplifiers without HDMI, and then HDMI to the TV (if any DVI on DVI to TV as long as the VGA to VGA to TV), and perhaps coax to fiber amplifiers. And if the amplifier is with HDMI, then is the motherboard HDMI to the amplifier, and then the amplifier HDMI to the TV.
3. The graphics card to the amplifier: If your card is with HDMI interface, but the sound card is integrated, then how to integrate sound audio signals through the HDMI interface graphics and video signals simultaneously output it?

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