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The description of Audio video converters

Video converter covers all kinds of video format conversion tool, such as: 3 gp video format converter, AVI converter, MP4 conversion tool, FLV video conversion tools and so on. They not only have interface, easy operation and support batch conversion processing. The various video quickly converted to popular media file formats by audio video converter.

audio video converter

audio video converter

Video converter contains a variety of video formats,such as AVI converter,MOV converter,ASF converter,WMV converter,RM converter etc.

Video converter equipped with special decoding chip. The PLL phase-locked loop and switch capacitor foil technology widely used, so that the circuit has a peripheral yuan decrease, the characteristics of high performance. Any PAL/NTS pattern of VIDIO or S – VIDEO input VIDEO signal, after decoding chip internal coding and system automatic processing output R.G.B signals, and at the same time VIDEO converter internal digital circuit for signal D/A conversion, making it the PCM data streams, then through multiple after processing into A/D conversion matrix circuit, after conversion into the buffer, and output the complete VGA signal.

Video converter is mainly used in digital radio frequency modulation, image processing, instruments, video signal representation, visual telephone, karaoke and so, game consoles, such as output, is also very suitable for monitoring department.

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