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Switcher is a kind of used to control the input and output signals or data tools

Switcher is a kind of used to control the input and output signals or data tools. For example, we have 4 DVD signal source, but there is only one TV for the display device. So how to choice on 4 DVD signal output to the TV set? Maybe you will think of by hand drawn wire to switch, but this method is the trouble. At this time, if I have a video switcher, so I will enter 4 DVD to the AV switcher. No matter which DVD I want to watch, I just need to make a choice on switcher. I can get the results I want.

audio switch

audio switch

There are all kinds of audio video switch,roughly as follows:

KVM Switchers:
KVM switches is a computer peripheral equipment whcih can let the system administrator control multiple servers or host computer through a set of keyboard, mouse, display.

VGA Switchers:
Function of VGA switcher is the multiple computer VGA display input signal through the switcher choose the output of a signal to an output device, finally, to achieve a purpose which choose one way to output from the multiple signals.

Besides,the function of AV switcher,HDMI switcher and DVI switcher is the same as VGA switcher. All of them played the role of signal switching.

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