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VGA Converter Application

VGA Converter has been applied to the multimedia teaching, interactive training, business presentations, video conference system, family game entertainment released, securities market, a bowling alley scoring screen, wedding video production, etc.

vga converter

vga converter

Business conference briefing: TV or projector collocation, make every corner of the audience clearly visible.

Small briefing meeting: AV converter with a notebook computer, VGA, can make presentation, demonstration anywhere. Using the TV or projector, free to turn off the lights, bright meeting efficient, operating equipment, meeting minutes, reading is very convenient.

Multimedia teaching in school: With a VGA to AV switch. As long as the use of multimedia teaching can do TV. The available video recorder, TV, computer, a variety of textbooks synchronous switch. Class teaching lively and interesting, free to turn off the lights, do not have to pause.

Teaching with recording software: Using high-resolution VGA to AV switch, the software process and sound operation, with video transcription. The teaching process to take home dubbing, teaching is more efficient.

Game entertainment: As long as with VGA to AV switch, through TV or projector, big screen can enjoy more exciting pleasure, can also enjoy the big screen DVD movies with your family.

The store promotion tape production: As long as a TV is put in store, use presentation software on the computer, with TV broadcast advertising demo, promoting effect all eyes now.

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