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HD sdi converter is dedicated to HD component serial interface

HD sdi converter is dedicated to HD component serial interface (hd-sdi) signal to a HDMI signal equipment. It integrated the SDI receiver and HDMI modulator. It can be convenient to hd-sdi signal into the HDMI signal. At the same time it will be embedded into audio signal separation after converting SDI are carrying the HDMI signal, in order to realize the sound and image synchronous transmission.

sdi converter

sdi converter

Its working principle is to put the single-channel digital component serial interface (SDI) signals through into TMDS. Thus high-definition cameras and display terminal is connected with HDMI interface. The device also comes with a hd-sdi signal output function.

Serial interface is every bit of data word order and the corresponding data through a single channel transmission interface. There may be that a lot of people don’t understand what is SDI? To professional parameter data, simply put, the continuation of SDI technology is the technology of radio, film and television, radio and television technology. And SDI monitoring technology is also derived.

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