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Audio converter is designed for audio multimedia software

Audio converter is designed for audio multimedia software, belong to the term multimedia. Common audio converter include MP3 converter. The main functions of the audio converter is carried out on the audio codec. And according to the digital audio coding standards,it will be saved as a new audio formats.

Audio Converters

Audio Converters

Common transformation patterns include: round of WAV, MP3, WAV to MP3, APE AAC, OGG MP3 and so on. Its function is not only the audio codec. To convert a CD to other formats is a special function of audio converter. We can see that all CDA is 44.1 bytes in CD. It is representative of CD track, rather than a digital audio file.

MP3 and wma are common audio formats, which We download from the Internet. Thoese format have the characteristics of small volume. It is conducive to the spread of the network. But low hardware compatibility and cannot be played on the DVD player is its main drawback. By audio converter, it can achieve the purpose which original format is mp3, wma video resources in DVD player.

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