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HDMI is the full name of High Definition Multimedia Interface

HDMI is the full name of High Definition Multimedia Interface. HDMI can transmit uncompressed high-definition video and multi-channel audio data with high quality. Maximum data transfer speed is 5 GBPS.

HDMI can not only meet the current highest quality 1080 p resolution, but also support the most advanced digital Audio formats, 8-channel 96 KHZ or stereo digital audio transmission 192 KHZ, with only a HDMI connection, and without the digital audio wiring. HDMI standard of additional space can be applied in audio and video formats to upgrade in the future. It is enough to cope with a 1080 p video and an 8 channel audio signal. A 1080 p video and an 8 channel audio signal needs less than 4 gb/s, therefore HDMI also has the very big margin. That allows it to use a cable connection DVD player respectively, receiver and PRR. In addition,it support HDMI EDID, DDC2B. Therefore,it has the characteristics of “plug and play” like HDMI equipment.

hdmi splitter

hdmi splitter

The volume of the HDMI interface is smaller than the DVI. But it can transmit audio and video signal at the same time. DVI cable length can’t more than eight meters, otherwise its image quality will be affected.

HDMI series divider are multiple ports output hdmi splitter. HDMI input signal will be allocated into multiple, simultaneous HDMI output. With signal buffer, amplification capability, Input HDMI signal can achieve more than 15 meters long distance transmission through the combination of multiple distributors. Users can also increase the number of HDMI output port by using the method of stack multiple distributors.



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