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VGA Splitter can specially assign VGA interface form of signals and transformation

VGA Splitter is a kind of device which the computer or other VGA output signal will be assigned at most a VGA display equipment or projection display system. It can specially assign VGA interface form of signals and transformation.

VGA Splitter

VGA Splitter

VGA splitter is widely used in all fields to VGA signal distribution and combination, such as military, multimedia teaching, television, telephone conference, large screen display, exhibition, financial, scientific research, meteorology and so on.

It has the following two big functions according to the characteristics of its classification.

Fistly, the distribution function. VGA signal entrance from the INPUT and then OUTPUT from the OUTPUT, the OUTPUT interface have 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and even more.

Secondly, enlarged function. Hd VGA signal through common VGA line is extended to more than 150 meters. It can completely solve problem which the transmission of VGA wire is far so that the signal attenuation of VGA signal.

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