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HD373 is the world’s first HDMI extender

HD373, a model of the audio video extender, is the world’s first HDMI extender. The transmission of HDMI is no longer 10 meters, nor 30 or 60 metres of other extenders. The HDMI signal can be converted to the standard TCP/IP protocol. The longest distance for straight line is 100 meters. Your HDMI signal will be infinite extension with the aid of routing, hubs and other equipment.

hdmi extender

hdmi extender

This hdmi extender can achieve a transmitter to send and multiple receivers to receive. At the same time,it has a great splitter function.

HD373 HDMI over cat6(cat5e) lan unlimited Extender with splitter function is the complete solution to solve theimage mosaic, color distortion, transmission failure and other problems when HDMI signal long distance transmitted. It’s the professional signal transmission system which combines the function of HDMI signal conversion,reception and reduction and designed for high quality HDMI video signallong-range extension of display system project, such as Big screen curtain wall advertising project, Industrial automatic control, Armamentarium, CCTV, Multimedia instruction and so on.

Maybe it is a good choice for you to buy a high quality & low price audio video extender. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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