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Compared with HDMI cable and YPbPr

TV models with HDMI cable can be done thinner and easily be put than Hd DVD players with the YPbPr cable. From the point of view of broadcast images, HDMI pictures are better than the YPbPr cable. For most people, these YPbPr cable is of no use. They just be thrown aside, when people buy it back later.

HDMI Aluminum shell,24K gold-plated plug cable

HDMI Aluminum shell,24K gold-plated plug cable

On the other hand,The length of HDMI cable can achieve 15 meters without the influence of picture quality. It can greatly satisfy the needs of users. And the length of YPbPr cable only achieve 5 meters when the picture quality is not affected.

Once beyond the scope of this, it’s the picture quality will be affected. So HD player with hdmi cable is more and more popular in the future. So YPbPr cable will be eliminated gradually.

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