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A wireless music box will be displayed by HDgenius

To meet the needs of market development and market competition, HDgenius have to keep developing new types of products to win more market chances. Now I will introduce one of the newest products, Wireless music box.

Wireless music box is really a new location stereo system dependant on ZigBee/SmartRoom process. It could copy online music and regional music by smart airport and complement smart property method and realize cellular handy remote control. Your inventory is at smaller width, the item may also be disguised . setting up and integrate having existing music playback method.

So that you can use the music box on your property and many of the close family could enjoy a person’s gorgeous music. What’s extra, you’ll be able to start your music field while you are positioning an incredible get together in your house, by linking having rainbow gentle, and so having various music, rainbow gentle displays various shade, you’ll be able to enjoy very good period using your pals.

If you are interested in our contant or our items, please pay attention to our blog. We will offer you latest news.

wireless music box

wireless music box

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