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HDbitT New Product Global Strategy Partner Meeting in HK

HDbitT New Product Global Strategy Partner Meeting will be held in Hong Kong during october 12 – october 16.  Our HDgenius Company will offer more than 20 models of innovative products in this HK exhibition.

1. HDMI over IP up to 150 meters supports 1 senders to more receivers with 360 angle IR and HDMI loop out;
2. 200m wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver with 360 angle IR;
3. SDI / DVI / VGAover IP display on HDMI up to 150 meters supports 1 senders to more receivers with 360 angle IR and HDMI loop out;
4. HDMI over Power line extender up to 300 meters with 360 angle IR and HDMI loop out;
5. HDMI over fiber optic extender supports 4kx2k;
6. HDMI over IP supports 4kx2k;

If you have any interest, you can visit them and see some of the world’s leading technology products. And we can have deep understanding to each other and discuss some details as how we could work with each other better.

Online Official Website:

hdgenius exhibition

hdgenius exhibition

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