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What is HDbitT Technology?

Recently, many people ask me what is HDbitT technology.

A new standard protocol of digital connective,the next generation solution for AV signal transmit.

What’s HDbitT
HDbitT stand for High-Definition Digital bit Transmission Technology, It’s a new standard protocol of digital connective ,which synergizes various IP/AV standards to work together as one.

What's HDbitT

What’s HDbitT

HDbitT enables high-definition Audio/Video up to 4Kx2K transmit via network cables, optic fiber, power line cable, wireless and even more transmission medium ,it provides more stable performance, better image clarity, further transmission distance and other significant advantages, easily to facilitate the requirement of HD signals long-distance transmission without any converter.

Scope & applications
HDbitT brings together the individual researchers, technologists, manufactures, product developers, solution providers, system integrator, and service & content providers all over the digital A/V industry, and unites them in a common goal: to provide value-added products for industries and to deliver convenience for the customers.

● Consumer Electronics
● Custom Installations
● Professional Projection
● Digital Signage
● Industrial PC

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