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The description of Audio video converters

audio video converter

Video converter covers all kinds of video format conversion tool, such as: 3 gp video format converter, AVI converter, MP4 conversion tool, FLV video conversion tools and so on. They not only have interface, easy operation and support batch conversion processing. The various video quickly converted to popular media file formats by audio video converter. […]

Introduce extender and HDMI extender information

hdmi extender

Extender is used to extend the signal device. It is often used in a situations that Long straight wire can’t meet the requirements of transmission, are generally designed to ensure that the signal transmission distances without damping, so much is active. It is designed to ensure that the signal transmission distances without attenuation. Extender is […]

One-stop HD video solutions shop

HDgenius,Inc Office

HDgenius,Inc. is a company which offer a one-stop HD video solutions. Here you can buy any related products what you need. We help you to save to troble searching for various products on different websites. And we can provide you with price advantage of the products. Therefore, you save not only time but money through […]

HDMI power amplifier connection


I believe we are not unfamiliar HDMI, and HDMI is a high-definition multimedia interface. I wonder if you understand the amplifier’s HDMI connection , this article is aimed at three amplifier HDMI connection to tell the story. PS3 and amplifier connection PS3 has a variety of audio and video interfaces, including HD output (HDMI 1.3 […]