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How To build a wireless HD transmitter

Long Range Wireless HDbitT HDMI AV Extender Video Transmitter

The following previous weeks time I had been your cinematographer to get you’ll need stamina actions quick this was chance making use of a pair of Epics. Despite the fact that we were upon a pair of Epics, we were even now using a shoe-string funds, and we needed to find inventive to supply movies […]

What should you noticed Before You Buy a Wireless HDMI Tr...

hdmi extender

Should you be searching for the handheld HDMI transmitter/receiver, you’ve probably observed that will you can find a large number of selections out there. Yet in order to be sure you find yourself along with the most successful gear, you have got to obtain the answers to be able to these types of 6 requests […]

Spy Camera Case: Applying the IR repeater intended for CC...

IR Extender

Case: My spouse and i assist control a little stockroom property on the stock trading property. Recently there was many break-ins on alternative houses on the property, therefore were at this point considering bettering the security programs. You’ll find a little security company from the entrance from the property, across the automobile area from the […]

HDMI extender concept is put forward by HDgenius

hdmi extender

HDMI port, as a new hd video port,is widely used in the panel TV, DVD, set-top boxes and laptop. It are also increasingly popular in the multimedia teaching system. Due to the high frequency signal attenuation, the distance of AWG42 line transmission is 0.75 meters. But if it is 3.4 Gbps data signals, the transmission […]

HD383 HDbitT HDMI Network Extender Signal up to 120m is n...

HDbitT HDMI Network Extender

HD383 HDbitT HDMI Network Extender Signal up to 120m is new arrival from HDgenius,Inc. Compared with the other extenders, its function is more powerful and price is more price. So this hdmi extender will be focued on promotion in the next period of time. And some extenders are simply not manufactured any more if they […]

HDgenius will record some product introduction video

hdmi extender

In order to providing customer with better service, HDgenius will record some product introduction video. These video will be uploaded to youtube and HDgenius’ official website. After adding these video, customers can be more comprehensive understanding of the product function and using method. At the same time, the video can help you to solve some […]