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HDMI to SDI Converter


Formatting conversion process is usually an important portion of using the services of video tutorial gear. A couple of from the most typical formats are generally HDMI along with SDI, which often allow photographs to become converted through consumer-grade supplies to be able to specialized video tutorial gear along with vice versa. A number of […]

Some ideas to restore a cut undercover dietary fiber opti...


Your undercover dietary fiber optic wire could be inadvertently cut. The best common thing which can lead to the following mishap is definitely the application of backhoe whilst digging. Whenever the item happens to an individual, you’ll be able to simply seek out backhoe and find your cut wire. On the other hand, whenever it […]

You should know 6 questions before you get hdmi wireless ...

wireless hdmi transmitter

If you are going to buy a wireless HDMI transmitter/receiver, you may have noticed that there are plenty of available hdmi wireless TV and video transmitter and receiver in the market. If you make sure the final hdmi extender is the best item, you must take this 6 the answer to the question in your […]

Wireless hdmi transmitter stable hd transmission 50 meter...

wireless hdmi transmitter has developed first wireless hdmi extender 50M and 200M by using their advanced technology in the world. They have been named HD388 and HD388A. Combined HDbitT transport protocol with wireless technology, Long Range Wireless HDbitT HDMI AV Extender Video Transmitter transfer HDMI signal and show image in HDMI device. This Extender does not require […]

HD372 is a cheap HDMI Network Extender

HD372 is a cheap HDMI Network Extender

HD372 is a cheap hdmi network extender up to 195ft(60m) 1080p. This hdmi extender is widely used in video projection, home theatre, outdoor advertising, video surveillance, teleconference, etc. Now i will introduce you some its functions. HD372 HDMI single cable transmission extends hdmi 1080p AV signal to at least 60M with cat6 or higher level […]