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video surveillance has been applied to the college entran...

Video Surveillance

As we all know, video surveillance is more and more widely applied to various occasions. video surveillance has been applied to the college entrance examination so far. In China, due to the importance of the entrance exam, video monitoring is used in the whole test process. In this way,any cheating behavior can be avoided so […]

The information on video surveillance and intelligent sur...

Video Monitor

By getting the video image information of monitoring target, video surveillance can monitor the video image, record, and back. According to the video image information´╝îit can manually or automatically make the corresponding action, to achieve the target of the monitoring of the monitoring, control, safety, and intelligent management. It has been widely used in military, […]

Video surveillance is an important part of security syste...

video surveillance system

Video surveillance is an important part of security system. Traditional surveillance system including the front camera, transmission cable, video surveillance platform. The camera is divided into a network digital camera and analog camera. It can collect the front video image signal. It is a preventive ability strong comprehensive system. Video surveillance is widely used in […]

One-stop HD video solutions shop

HDgenius,Inc Office

HDgenius,Inc. is a company which offer a one-stop HD video solutions. Here you can buy any related products what you need. We help you to save to troble searching for various products on different websites. And we can provide you with price advantage of the products. Therefore, you save not only time but money through […]