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Where can we buy best av hd products?

Where can we buy best av hd products?

Maybe you are looking for cost effective audio video products from the major online mall and platforms.  Maybe you are headache that there are so many av items that you can’t choose the best one. Maybe it will cost you a lot of time to choose all kinds of hd video accessories or related items. […]

What is HDbitT Technology?

What is HDbitT Technology?

Recently, many people ask me what is HDbitT technology. A new standard protocol of digital connective,the next generation solution for AV signal transmit. What’s HDbitT HDbitT stand for High-Definition Digital bit Transmission Technology, It’s a new standard protocol of digital connective ,which synergizes various IP/AV standards to work together as one. HDbitT enables high-definition Audio/Video […]

HDbitT New Product Global Strategy Partner Meeting in HK

HDbitT New Product Global Strategy Partner Meeting in HK

HDbitT New Product Global Strategy Partner Meeting will be held in Hong Kong during october 12 – october 16.  Our HDgenius Company will offer more than 20 models of innovative products in this HK exhibition. 1. HDMI over IP up to 150 meters supports 1 senders to more receivers with 360 angle IR and HDMI loop out; 2. 200m wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver with 360 angle IR; 3. SDI / DVI / VGAover IP display on HDMI up to 150 meters supports 1 senders to more receivers with 360 angle IR and HDMI loop out; 4. HDMI over Power line extender up to 300 meters with 360 angle IR and HDMI loop out; 5. HDMI over fiber optic extender supports 4kx2k; 6. HDMI over IP supports 4kx2k; If you have any interest, […]

The greatest benefit inside while using HDMI video transm...

NEW MIDI USB Cable Converter PC to Music Keyboard Adapter

The greatest benefit inside while using HDMI video transmission is that we all at this point try a repair wire cable is essential to undertake photo shift, and need to do just one more style tranny series, perhaps moving many sounds were succeeded by simply optical soluble fiber, just in case that into HDMI, you […]

What’s the portion connected with De-emphasis amplitude o...

USB Male to 3Pin XLR Female Microphone USB MIC Link Cable 3M

Pre-emphasis is frequently included with the end result from the change inside HAMI, executing television system if the change will be on the snowboard previously mentioned the tv, so it is a indication records on the system board, as well as the alignment is definately not prolonged, after that recommend pre-emphasis Will not start. Pre-emphasis […]

Compared with HDMI cable and YPbPr

HDMI Aluminum shell,24K gold-plated plug cable

TV models with HDMI cable can be done thinner and easily be put than Hd DVD players with the YPbPr cable. From the point of view of broadcast images, HDMI pictures are better than the YPbPr cable. For most people, these YPbPr cable is of no use. They just be thrown aside, when people buy […]