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The HDMI Extender over Cat 5e / 6 / 6 wires features the ...

The HDMI Extender over Cat 5e / 6 / 6 wires features the Transmitter plus a Phone

Common contacts through the HDMI form such as a Blu-ray participant; DVR / Cable and also satellite box to be able to the HDMI screen will be by employing the HDMI cable. In the event connected with heading longer rides and distances, HDMI may be transported over Ethernet Cat 5e / 6 / 6 wires […]

HDMI Splitter 2×8 is a good item from

hdmi cable

HDMI Splitter 2×8 is a good item from Now it is hot sale. Here some reviews on hdmi splitter are displayed. Hope it is useful for someone customer. I purchased this hdmi splitter so that i divided our Xbox 360 indication in between a large TV ON PC plus a scaled-down pc keep an […]

To choose best audio video equipment for your home theate...

cat5 network cable

While using developing connected with hi-tech, the purchase price intended for home entertainment will be eliminating. Its popular for individuals to get a number of HI-DEF Tvs, PLAYSTATION 3 SLIM video game participant, HI-DEF mass media participant, and also other home entertainment programs. After that wires should be connected these people along with play a […]

Compared with HDMI cable and YPbPr

HDMI Aluminum shell,24K gold-plated plug cable

TV models with HDMI cable can be done thinner and easily be put than Hd DVD players with the YPbPr cable. From the point of view of broadcast images, HDMI pictures are better than the YPbPr cable. For most people, these YPbPr cable is of no use. They just be thrown aside, when people buy […]

What is HDMI cable and three color cabel?


The three interfaces behind the TV or DVD is what we call the YPbPr. Because these lines are made up by three lines, so it is called YPbPr. It is a kind of indispensable transmission cable for Home Theater at present. HDMI cable is a kind of transmission cable of fully digital images and sounds. […]